Dentistry is no longer just a case of filling and extracting teeth, as it was for many years. Today, many people turn to cosmetic dentistry, or "cosmetic dentistry" as a way to improve your appearance, even though cosmetic surgery is used or a new hairdo to change or improve appearance.

The treatments can be used to fix, clarify, amend and repair teeth. Cosmetic treatments include veneers, crowns, and bridges, tooth colored fillings, implants and teeth whitening, and take the opportunity to have the best specialists in the region.

Odontología cosmética

Carillas dentales

Dental Veneers

A veneer is a thin layer of porcelain made to order on the front surface of a tooth, like a false fingernail fits into a nail. Sometimes a natural color "composite" material is used instead of china.

Veneers can improve the color, shape and position of teeth. A precise shade of porcelain can be chosen to give the right color to enhance discolored teeth or just to lighten front teeth. The veneer can make a tooth look intact again. The porcelain covers the whole of the front of the tooth with a thicker section replacing the broken part. Veneers can also be used to close small gaps, when orthodontics (braces) is not suitable. If a tooth is a little out of position, enamel can sometimes be fitted to bring it into harmony with others.

Teeth veneers give a natural and healthy. Least prepared teeth, as they are very thin and held in place by a special strong bond (something like super-glue).

Resinas cerámicas

Ceramic resins

"More than 150 years standard fillings have been made of a silver-gray material called" amalgamation ". This remains one of the strongest and longest lasting materials available for fillings. However, many people find it unattractive and some are worried about possible health risks.

The "fillings" are a toxic doses HUMANS.

Mercury is the main component of dental amalgams and emerge from them that diffuse gas in the body.

Mercury damages and blocks certain hormone receptors and enzymes and mainly disturbed metabolism in the brain, nerves, proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins, also attacks the immune system as fungi, viruses and bacteria can easily spread. Produce an imbalance in the oral and intestinal flora and cause symptoms such as headaches, allergies, bleeding gums, loss of memory, nervous irritability, hypersensitivity, moodiness, bronchitis, rashes, joint pain and inflammation, among others. "

Dr. Luis Manuel Cabrera

White fillings or ceramic resins are becoming a popular alternative to amalgam fillings. The new dental materials mean it is much easier to find a perfect match for the shade of a particular tooth. In most cases, it is almost impossible to see that the tooth even has a filling. Filling material sometimes white can be used to cover unsightly teeth marks in a manner similar to the sheets.

Blanqueamiento dental con laser

Teeth laser whitening

Teeth whitening are used to correct discoloration of the teeth by removing brown spots and yellow. The term "teeth whitening" can refer to a variety of techniques to improve the brightness of the patient's teeth. Among them are chemical whitening, mild acid laundering, abrasive teeth shine and the new technique of tooth whitening laser.

Using a laser with a whitening gel, this is a whitening system in the office. The whitening gel is applied to transparent teeth and a laser light is used to activate the crystals to absorb energy from light and penetrate the tooth enamel to increase the lightening effect on teeth. The period of time in the cosmetic dentist's chair depends on the degree of discoloration you have.

  • Advantages: A visit usually is all you need for a bright smile.
  • Disadvantage: The sudden change of color is likely to be noticed by those around him immediately. This is the most expensive of the procedures available, but also the fastest.