Fernando Gibaja

Fernando Gibaja
Resident Manager at Mandarin Oriental Riviera Maya

I first lived in Cancun on 1997, back then I went to Dr. Luis Manuel and his brother for an endodontics emergency. I think the experience with the treatment, the delicacy and attention I received on that occasion made me return to them when I got back in Cancun for business in 2007, automatically with all my family back to the office of Dr. Luis Cabrera.

The genuine care that has always been Dr. Luis Cabrera both me and my family, and his honesty and professionalism, have made the two years we've been living in Cancun, has always been our dentist for excellence. What we really like my whole family, is that you can see that they are doctors who are in constant recycling of knowledge and techniques that are current in technology and products, while saying it is the first time, after many years and have traveled to many countries where health finally got all of my mouth and the satisfaction of my whole family is full.

Moreover, the task force that has both human and technical is first class, where you feel at ease, neatness and total go to the dentist without having to worry about it again, honesty is first and foremost part of their ideology.

I Have been several occasions where I had to call outside office hours or where I located Dr. Luis Manuel on his cell phone and has always had the speed in answering and taken to hospital, where one knows what a pain of mouth ... we always knew we could count on your help and effectively to a crisis of mouth pain.

Finally, Dr. Cabrera has learned the techniques of cleaning solution has helped us in the mouth opportunities we had and where other doctors in other countries were unable to find the problem we had, at the time.

I think if in future I left Mexico to come back in as many years to this beautiful place, still see Dr. Cabrera and highly professional team that has no place in doubt.

Dr. Luis Cabrera and team, thank you very much for your help at any time they have given both my family and me.

Juan Carlos Velázquez

Lic.Juan Carlos Velázquez Medina
Public & Politic Image Consultant

I lived 11 years in Cancun and I remember I saw the need to visit the dentist. Then I went to Dr. Luis Cabrera B. with some trepidation because I had many references to him as a professional. However, it was very gratifying to find a highly qualified professional and above all with human qualities to treat all patients.

At the point that during the 11 years I spent in Cancun and I was his patient for several years that it is in Mexico City still going with him whenever necessary. You cannot always find a dentist intelligent, professional, current in your field and especially with a surprising quality HUMANS.

I have recommended it to family and friends in Mexico, Canada and France. And all who have gone with him are highly pleased with the results.

I am glad to keep in touch with him and I wish to continue climbing stairs nationally and internationally.

Kelly Neaton

Kelly Neaton

Hello My Name is Kelly Neaton. I live in Minnesota, the United States of America. Dr. Luis and I got contacted by another woman here in Minnesota who had visited him while in Mexico for a cleaning. I began to contact Dr. Luis via email and well was a bit apprehensive to go to another country but through our many emails he made me feel that he was an excellent Dr. Although I was going to see him for more than a cleaning but also for cavities and a root canal. Yes, this may seem a bit crazy but for some reason I figured how worse it could be than what I experienced here in the USA when I have had a root canal and cavities taken care of here.

So this comes to the phenomenal job that Dr. Luis did on my teeth. I seriously have recommended him too many people here in Minnesota and also while I was on vacation there I told people how excellent he is. The reason I give him an excellent commending is because I never felt one bit of pain. I truly cannot believe the Gift that God has given him to work as he does. I know in the states they quickly run through everything so as to tell you oh that hurting will stop soon.

Dr. Luis would not even start any procedures unless he knew you absolutely could not feel anything. His work on my teeth where superb. He did a super awesome job on my root canal and has not even received a crown as he did such a superb job. Which I'm grateful for as the American economy has tanked and we all are living without less money and some without jobs. So I also thank him for the great service at a very reasonable price. He was also so kind to accommodate me as he made sure I had the adequate amount of beach time to enjoy for most of the day and then he accommodated me coming in later to do my dental work (one night it was I think around 9 p.m.when we were done) and not interrupt my vacation time too much. So I got vacation and my teeth taken care! Now that is super great!

He also is just a very concerned Dr. and he makes you laugh and has excellent chair side manners while you go through the ever so fun teeth care needs, like a root canal!

Praise God for his skills and his very wonderful staff who also where sweet as they tried to teach me some Spanish, being that I did not know a whole lot...well barely any at all. That is the other nice thing in my midst of not knowing much of the Spanish language Dr. Luis has been skilled in the English language and that was very helpful to a foreigner like myself!

He is very educated in his field and has definitely proven this to me and I hope others will trust me and cross the border to see my new dentist for my major work.

Dr. Luis asked me to give this testimonial and I am so thankful to be able to tell others what an excellent experience I had and for once I can say I enjoyed the dentist. Now that's hard to believe but it is true.

Lord bless,
Kelly Neaton
Minnesota, United States of America

Gabriel Rodríguez

Lic. Gabriel Rodríguez Pastrana

Despite recommendations from different dentists should insist that my wisdom teeth removed, I always put off for fear of losing many work days in the recovery period.

I highly recommend Dr. Mark Shtern and accepted by certain circumstances that I attend, still have some fear, to be honest.

From my reception was a very different experience than any we could imagine, a very relaxed atmosphere, warm and extremely friendly, I think it takes more time to assimilate the idea sitting in the dentist's chair classic when he was with his assistant Dr. and began their work. My surprise was that within 20 minutes was paying my office still incredulous how simple it turned out that my 2 wisdom teeth extracted in an instant. Come to my house, I followed the instructions of Dr. Mark and the next day in my office was working normally!, I think that I will never take away that feeling quite particular about going to the dentist, but the truth is that whenever necessary, I am sure that can be quick and painless going with the right person. I consider myself a very satisfied customer.

Kyoko Shinkawa

Kyoko Shinkawa

Dr. Luis Cabrera is a great Doctor. When I first visited him, I was suffering from the big pain with my gum. He and Dr. Mark took an X-ray and explained what the cause is. And by the end of the day, they got rid of all the pain which I carried more than 3 month. It was just amazing for me. Great teamwork and such accurate /fast treatment!

Through my life, I have been traveling a lot and always having tooth problem. I have visited so many dentists in different countries and Dr. Luis Cabrera obviously one of the best doctor among the world. His treatment is not only gentle and accurate; he has such warm, friendly personality which makes me relax. So I definitely recommend him.

Good doctor is your life long treasure.

Thank you!


Psic. Bárbara Jeanette Hick Brown

Dr. Mark Shtern I performed a surgery to implant several screws, both above and below, in one session. I say I was very pleasantly surprised at how good I was in their care.

He is an excellent professional, very committed to the health and welfare of their patients. He was on the lookout for me since the beginning of the process and throughout the evolution of my recovery.

I was surprised that the pain, bleeding and swelling were almost nothing, especially compared with the results of surgery for wisdom tooth extraction a few years ago, after which I was very swollen and very uncomfortable. Therefore, it is really a pleasure to recommend Dr. Mark Shtern. Sure, any intervention on your part will do very well!


Guadalupe Fernández

I want to thank Dr. Shtern for his professionalism; years ago I lost my front teeth from trauma and had to use removable plate that bothered me a lot.

From the first appointment the Dr.Shtern offered me the option of dental implants and explained to me that are like the third dentition, and see exactly how jobs are lost roots.

And so, I now have my teeth as before, and I can smile with confidence again. I recommend it to everyone, the procedure was fast and without trouble, I regret not doing so earlier.